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Cookie Machine

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It is said that the origin of word cookie came from the Dutch one “koekje” which means little cake. In fact people used to test the oven and recipe by baking a small part of a dough’s cake. Then the british people had realised those little cakes match very well with the beloved afternoon tea. Only in 30’s an american (Ruth Wakefield) had the idea of changing the known recipe by adding small pieces of chocolate. It has turned into a big success among americans and became part of their culture Thinking about it, Bralyx has developed a cookie machine, which reduces production time and increases quality of each piece standardizing their size, maintaining taste, and flavour.

Mechanizing your production can reduce not only your labor (it can be operate with one person only), but also electrical power, once the cookie machine consumes less then a fluorescent lamp. Another important topic: you can save 100 recipes in your machine memory. The Bralyx’s cookie machine is also one of the secrets of Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) to achieve the success with his cookies.

This versatile cookie machine DROP TOP is one of the Cake Boss favorites for his Carlos Bakery factory: it consists of depositing, dosing and wire cutting machine, very efficient in producing butter cookies, pastry products (shortbread, biscuits, gingerbread, almond, meringues, sponge fingers, macarons, sponge cakes, muffins, etc.). Ideal for bakers, confectioners, caterers, and hoteliers, its hourly production for cookies can be up to 463 pounds (210 kg)

Bralyx`s DROP TOP cookie machine also makes available an encoder system which measures the distance between products on the tray at a Speed: 20/25 rows/min (depositing of semi-liquid and more solid products - depending on the head you set it up)

Due to its stainless steel head and structure, it is easy to clean, assemble and disassemble. Its 7’ touch screen panel allows you never forget a recipe, providing you a quick access, furthermore an user-friendly interface.


When purchasing your DROP TOP cookie machine, you are going to receive:

  • Roller head (hard and dense doughs) and its related molds;
  • Pump head (semi-liquid doughs) and its related molds;
  • Smooth nozzles;
  • Star shaped nozzles;
  • Smooth off center nozzles;
  • Star shaped off center nozzles;
  • Two 6-outputs ruler;
  • One 4 outputs ruler;
  • Sponge cake ruler;
  • Wire cutting devices.


If your business is based on filled/stuffed cookies or even 2 colors biscuits, we invite you to learn more about our FORMING MACHINE line, that allows you to manufacture not only sweets, and petit fours, but also dumplings like mammoul, kibbeh, croquettas, etc.

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