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Dolceform - NEW



Dolceform is a complementary forming machine to produce various types of products without fillings (brigadeiros, little sweets, gnocchi etc.).

It must to be used in linked with forming and encrusting machines Maxiform such as New LilyNew Baby,  Maxi Pro

What Dolceform can do for you?

  • Sweets: truffles, cake pop, brazilians sweets including: brigadeiro, beijinho and others;
  • It can also produce other products without filling like: gnocchi, mac & cheese, tater tots, cheese ball
  • etc

The great differential of Dolceform is the EXCLUSIVE system that avoid the early crystallization of your products.

A versatile and perfect machine for you to start up and grow your business: brigadeiro and sweets shop, catering, bakery, etc

Dolceform is a brigadeiro and small sweets machine developed with Brazilian technology and latest generation design.

Dolceform main features:

  • CONVENIENCE: easy to operate and to clean
  • COMPACT: Perfect for small spaces
  • BRALYX QUALITY: stainless steel (structure + dough hopper). More durability and resistance guaranteed. Very easy to clean and sanitize to new the production process
  • Table top machine that can work together with Spinning Table* and cover brigadeiros with granulated chocolate. It can also works with: Sugar, Chocolate powder, Seeds, Coconut and Sesame
  • BRALYX ADVANTAGES: 1-year total warranty and technical support, assistance and training for all equipments. 
  • Shapes:
  • Certification: CE (european)/ UL - NSF (north american) / CSA (canadian)
**Optional sold separately. Please, talk to our sales consultant.


Brigadeiro (chocolate ball)

Tater Tots

Mac & Cheese


Cheese Bread


Corn Bread

Falafel / Felafel


Strawberry Ball

MOLD SPEED*: up to 4.000 beats/h

PRODUCT SIZE: up to 40mm diameter (1,57oz)

Capacity of each tank of product: 4,5L (1,19gal) -  Aprox. 3kg (6,6lb) product

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 321 x 402 x 820mm (12,6" x 15,8" x 32,3")

Power input: 0,1kW (0,13CV) – 220V - single-phase

Net weight: Aprox. 24kg (40lb)

* It depends on the type of the dough and size of the product.