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Fatayer Making Machine

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Fatayer is a ethnic dumpling stuffed normally with ground meat, and, alternatively, with spinach or cheese. It is a typical savory snack produced in Middle East and very consumed by Arab countries and some others like Egypt.

Some decades ago, fatayer was handled and produced by the whole family to sale in markets. Nowadays, counting with the fatayer making machine you can speed up your production, so you can run your business investing your time to other activity related to it.

If you want to increase your production to 2400 items/hour (0,078 pounds) or 1200 pieces/hour (up 0,20 pounds), our fatayer making machine (Formix Multidoughs) is exactly what you need. Standardization shapes and fillings of your finger food, snack, and dumpling is very important not only for your final customer, but also for you that will reduce wastage of raw material.

As our engineering department is always seeking for best solutions to our clients, it has also developed in this fatayer making machine special devices (molds) for you to change shapes of your product. Not only shapes you can set up: feel free to adjust of how much filling you want your snack to have. Another feature your Formix fatayer making machine offers you is working with fermented, unfermented, or cooked doughs.


  • Your machine structure is in stainless steel, which means strength and convenience for cleaning it up;
  • One-year full warranty;
  • Bralyx is always proud and happy to help and support our clients, reason why we want to assure your satisfaction by providing you a possibility to have an one-on-one training with one of our technicians. They are able to install your fatayer making machine and manufacture your savory snack by showing you step by step how to deal with your new equipment;
  • We have representatives that are able to work with our machines in many places. If you are not around this area, please, consult some of ours salesperson and we can assign someone to support you as soon as possible.

If you are still having doubts regarding your fatayer making machine, feel free to ask. Get in touch and we can make an appointment. Come and test your recipe with us!

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