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Maamoul Machine

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Have you ever thought about a catering food production totally automated? It means saving money with labor, then, a profitable business. Besides that, you will still saving money not wasting ingredients, producing more in less time.

Automation from the beginning to the end - Bralyx provides ours customers a complete line for you to manufacture your maamoul (also known as ma’amoul or maamul):

  • Maxiform MK Line – Forming and Encrusting machine (it can also be a maamoul machine) that allows the dough hopper to operate full without operators pushing the dough constantly.
  • Cutting / stamping machine: automatic cutting and / or stamping machine that gives different patterns for filled sweet and savory products. This is strongly recommended for products like maamoul, and many kinds of biscuits. It can be attached to our maamoul machine.
  • Aligning Machine: an automatic device to place and align sweets, cookies and savories on baking trays.


Do you know what Bralyx maamoul machine can do for you? Denser doughs and fillings (like date one, kibbeh, falafel, etc) are difficult to be handled without human hands, however, our maamoul machine is developed with a brand new propulsion MK system that can do all job almost by itself. It means you can offer your customer a perfect traditional maamoul filled with dates, walnut or pistachio.

It is also important to highlight that you can manufacture your product in any size you want: Bralyx provides you one mould option default with your machine, and the possibility of ordering another any other size you need.

Stamping was a problem just before MK maamoul machine arrives: now you can throw your wood mould away or just keep them for your memories.

Easy to clean, some of our machines - like 5.0 Baby MK, for instance - are certified by CE / UL / NSF, which means safety for you, your facilities, and your operator.

These are just some of many advantages the Bralyx maamoul machine can provide you.


Very very very popular among arabian culture, ma'amoul, maamoul or even ma’amul is a small shortbread pastry that can be filled with dates or nuts. It is common to give ma’amul as a gift during Ramada (first reason why it is a great opportunity to get started your own successful business). Ma’moul can be shaped like balls, domed or flattened cookies. Some are still being decorated by hand or in special wooden moulds (second reason why you need a Bralyx machine!)

Do you want to learn more about maamoul, date bars, fingers biscuits, fruit bars, and also our machine possibilities? Get in contact!

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