BIG 10.0 MK

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    The BIG 10.0 MK industrial Forming and Filing machine is another option in BRALYX´s industrial forming and encrusting machinery line - equipment with greater productivity and power that support more working days and support major operations that seek efficiency without loosing quality control.

    It makes a wide variety of savory and sweet products, with or without fillings.

    BIG 10.0 MK industrial Forming and Filing machine ís reccomended to business with industrial production like: food processing industry/ restaurants/ catering/ hotels/ resorts/ and much other.

    BIG 10.0 MK industrial Forming and Filing machine is perfect for producing wide variety of ethnic food like:

    • Middle East: Maamoul/ Kibbeh (Kibe/ Kubba / Kebba) / Falafel/  Makrout/ Potato Chap/ Medjool Dates (Date ball)/ Date bars/ Labneh/ etc
    • Italy: Arancini/ Filled Gnochi
    • Portugal: Pastel de bacalhau (Codfish Ball)
    • Latin America/ Spain: Arepas/ Pan de yuca/ Croquetas/ Bolitas de yuca/ Carimañolas/ Sorruloz de Maiz/ Aborrajado/ Churros/ Mofongo/ Papas Rellenas/ etc
    • Brazil:  Coxinha/  Pão de queijo (Cheese ball)/ Brigadeiro (Chocolate ball)/ Empada (Salty Pie)/ etc
    • India: Besan laddu (ladoo)/ Kandi pedha/ Masala kachori/ Rasgulla/ Mawa roll/ Gulab Jamun/ etc
    • Asia: Meat bun/ Barbecue Bun/ Nastar
    • Eastern Europe: Kluski Na Parze/ Kufteta/ Pyzy/ Chorley Cake/ Kluski Leniwe/ etc
    • Cookies and filled cookies
    • Many others filled (stuffed) dumplings


    Main features of BIG 10.0 MK industrial Forming and Filing machine :

    Exclusive MK system that allows the dough vat to operate full without the operator having to push the dough constantly. This system makes it possible to work with all kinds of dough / including hard doughs such as manioc / potato and meat + burgl / reducing weight variation

    • Simple and smoothly operated. Frontal panel – facility of access to the operator
    • Strong and durable engines
    • Provides total control of product weight, size, length and shape
    • It is easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing
    • Suitable to produce vegetarian, gluten free and lactose-free products
    • Extremely versatile, it can work with different ingredients (ex: meat + bulgur)
    • Made of stainless steel, which extend the durability and improve its quality

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    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION¹ ¹: up to 30g up to10000 pcs/ 180g up to 2800 pcs

    PRODUCT SIZE² : 7 a 220g (0,24oz a 7,74oz)

    Set the thickness of the dough and amount of filling:      

    SHAPES AVAIABLE:                 


    • Machine dimension (W x L x H): 687 x 1331 x 1351mm (27″ x 52,4″ x 53,1″)
    • Power input:  2,22kW (3CV) – 220V – Mono
    • Net weight.:200Kg (441lb)

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                                                                         

    ¹It depends on the type of dough and filling and size of product.. ² The machine manufactures products up to 180g (depending on the type of dough, filling and size of the product). Larger products use the 220g kit (optional accessory).

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