Our machinery line can produce an infinite range of finger foods of the most varied ethnicities in special for: 

  • Middle East cuisine: Kibbeh & Ma’ amoul
  • Italian cuisine: Arancino & Gnocchi
  • Latin cuisine:  Croquetas, Carimañolas, Bolitas de yucca etc
  • Brazilian cuisine: Coxinhas, Cheese bread & Brigadeiro
  • North American cuisine: Cupcakes & Cookies 
  • and many others filled dumplings!

These fried, cooked or roasted delicacies, found in the most varied names, shapes, doughs and fillings, delight the worldwide palate and all have Bralyx in common.

We´re a market leader company that produces a wide range of equipment for food industry. 

For the last 30 years, we have manufactured cutting-edge technology, boldly designed and user-friendly machines for a variety of businesses such as: catering, bakeries, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels, resorts, etc.

Not only providing them the best food processing machine but also supporting them with reliable technical assistance worldwide.

Present in more than 70 countries, we´re dedicated to technology and services that ensures productivity, quality and profits for food markets.


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Bralyx Timeline

Our headquarter is in Brazil (São Paulo) where you can also find not only our administrative team, industry and stock, but also our show room.

Besides all this structure, we have branches in England (Bedford – London), Portugal (Pero Pinheiro) and United States (Lakeland – Florida) that reinforce the company´s global presence.

Both can provide technical assistance and an incredible showroom in order to be always by the customer’s side supporting them before, during and after sales.

Our representatives and partners are spread over the world: Spain, France, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia are just one example of them, which provides a gastronomic interchange among them, proving our expertise and know-how inside food industry.

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In the Foodservice industry,
UNDERSTAND the needs of the consumers,
DEVELOP solutions through innovative machines
SPREAD its applications.
Stay at the forefront of its segment, seeking constant improvement of its production and the processes that it requires.

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