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From China to the world, dumplings are one of the most democratic delicacies

Known in China as “jiaozi”, in Japan as “guioza” and in the United States as “dumplings”, the Asian ravioli is consumed throughout the five continents due to its wide range of possibilities. It can be stuffed and prepared in many ways, by hand or even by a stuffed dumpling machine.

How dumplings were brought to our tables?

During the 1930s, after the Japanese invaded Manchuria, they brought back with them not only their weapons, but a delicious Chinese recipe: the dumplings. It was a cheap dish, made by wheat flour, and so it became part of the Japanese meals as well as a source of income in a country where there was little money, food and jobs.

From the Land of the Rising Sun this treat has made its way to other Asian countries and finally travelled to Europe, North and South America. The dumpling consumption spread to the point that it was invented the stuffed dumpling machine, which is manufactured by companies like Bralyx.

The transformation caused by the stuffed dumpling machine

The traditional dumplings are made of pork, beef, chicken or vegetables and wrapped up in thin dough of wheat flour. If the preparation process used to be long and time-consuming, now it has become much easier and profitable with the stuffed dumpling machine, which is manufactured by companies like Bralyx.

The stuffed dumpling machine enabled large scale productions that are distributed to restaurants, supermarkets, street shops and all other kinds of business that sell the Chinese delicacy. In addition, it allows the products standardization and ensures food hygiene and safety.

The many ways of preparing dumplings

Not even contemporary cuisine resisted the ancient Chinese recipe. Besides the traditional style, dumplings gained creative versions with seafood, turkey, cheese, pumpkin, truffles, hibiscus and – imagine! – cheeseburgers. And the stuffed dumpling machine does not limit the possibilities; on the contrary, it expands the universe of inventiveness.

With the stuffed dumpling machine, it also possible to make sweet dumplings using fruits, chocolate, jams… like the savory ones, they can be pan-fried, steamed or boiled. It is all up to your creativity.


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