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Cake Pop: Cake on a stick is the new favorite!

Cake Pop: Cake on a stick is the new favorite!

The American delight has arrived to stay and is already a trend. It is called cake pop and can be produced in various shapes and flavors. For a good cake pop you will need good cake batter which will be crumbled and, mixed with chocolate or caramel to give unity, will be rolled, put in a stick and covered with topping or fondant. After the wave of the gourmet sweets, the cakepop presents itself as a strong candidate to take over baby showers, wedding parties and even food stalls that sell deserts on the streets.

Apart from being cute, cake pop has low production cost. The orders can be very profitable for confectioners! But one thing is for sure: whatever the order is, it will not be of only a few unities. To be attractive and become a decorative element, this kind of cake should be produced and presented as dozens (or even hundreds) of unities.


It all gets more practical (and tastier) with a good machine for sweets: meet Dolcelyx

When making cake pop, convenience is a strong point to be taken into consideration. But all confectioners and pastry chefs already know that, when orders are numerous, even the preparation of the simplest cake becomes strenuous. Therefore, a good idea is to use, in your production, a machine to assist you in this process. Recently, Bralyx – expert in machines for sweets, savories and fresh pasta - launched a compact forming machine that is able to produce, besides brigadeiros, party treats and other products without filling, like CAKEPOP, the famous cake on a stick.


New Dolcelyx is ideal for small productions in compact places, besides being very easy to use and clean. This EXCLUSIVE Bralyx equipment performs up to 2.000 beats per hour and produces sweets of up to 40 mm diameter. Its cup capacity is for 3 kg of dough (that may vary according to density and consistency), which corresponds to 4,5L (in volume). With this machine, a confectioner can risk himself to dare more and decide to produce, in addition to the traditional cake batter sold on a stick, a round gingerbread dough, that can become a super soft cake pop (topped with good caramel!)

Watch Dolcelyx producing RedVelvetCakepop! Click here!


Talking about boldness…

Attention, confectioner: it is important to keep in mind that the flavor of your cake batter has to be perfect, but icing cannot be second best. Beautiful decoration is essential for cake pop and, in this case, there is no need to check guides or recipes to nail it.

Think about decorations that match the occasion in which the sweets will be served or get ahead and ask your client how he would like to see the final result of his party or celebration cake pops.   

Think about the brigadeiro gourmet ornaments, which are planned according to the flavor of the cake and its topping: you can also come up with some ideas from there. Oh! And use textures as much as you want.



Publicado em: 03/09/2019