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Making Grissini with Bralyx forming machine

How a good machine can help making the famous grissini, the sticks that are always in pack

A savory stick born in Europe, that matches with all kinds of broths and soups, from jams to dips.

In Italian, a single stick is called grissino. The thing is that this snack is never sold or consumed per unit, so it became known worldwide for its name in the plural form (grissini). For each meal, a bunch of grissini.

Now you might be thinking: I want to make breadsticks, but how can I meet the demand once nobody can have only one of these?


1st step: define your recipe

Before start making breadsticks on a large scale, you will have to do some tests to find the ideal ingredients and quantities for your recipe. The original stick is made of wheat flour, corn flour, fresh yeast, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt. It is common to find grissini covered in fine herbs, parmesan, sesame or poppy seeds. The addition of dry ingredients is the last step of the recipe and, if well planned, can conquer the palates of your customers and become their one and only breadstick in the market.  


2nd step: find the ideal machine

Once you have found the ideal recipe, don’t sacrifice yourself in the attempt to produce it all on your own: look for a good forming machine! Bralyx machines for savories are great to produce croquettes, cookies, cheese balls… and also grissini! They all have affordable prices and are easy to use and clean. Some are more compact, ideal for smaller places. These equipment can produce between 4.000 and 19.000 pieces per hour and have full warranty of 12 months (for all parts: mechanical, electrical and electronic).


3rd step: do tests to get to the ideal grissino

The settings of the grissini produced in Bralyx forming machine are adjusted according to the use of the equipment and also according to the recipe of the dough, but the production of sticks in advanced machines such as theses holds no secrets, all you need is to take into consideration the diameter and length desired for the final product and use as reference the traditional breadstick, which is about 10 cm long and is cut by the forming machine in a matter of seconds. Alakazan! As if by magic, lots of grissini will be ready for baking. After being cut and positioned in trays, the sticks should be put in the oven at 180ºC. They will remain there for 15 minutes and tip is not to remove them right away: once they are baked, leave the snacks in the switched off oven for 15 minutes more. They will dry and release from the trays.


Learn more about Bralyx machines for savories

A good machine for savories can lead your business towards success. Not only due to the fast and tasty production of grissini, but also because machines such as those sold by Bralyx are extremely versatile and can, therefore, help you even more diversifying your production. The menu of a shop whose production has Bralyx machines may offer, besides breadsticks: drop-shaped savories (coxinhas and rice balls); all kinds of ball-shaped savories and even sweets, like filled cookies; all kinds of croquettes e two tip-shaped; pillow-shaped savories. All same size? No way! Bralyx forming machines make pieces from 7g (to be sold in cups), from 15g to 20g (for parties and events) and 180g (for snack bars).



Publicado em: 28/08/2019