Food Processing Machine


The food processing machine industry is a constantly moving sector. Just like cell phones, cars, household items and electronic goods, this kind of equipment has also evolved, whether in size, applications, features.

With companies investing heavily in new technologies, keeping up to date on the latest trends is essential to ensuring that your company is making the right choice when purchasing one of the many equipment available. So read on and learn more about the advances on the food processing machine industry.


Looking at the retail industry, we have noticed over the past few years that package contents have shrunk, from the old ten-pound bags of sugar individual portions in order to meet new demands. The automobile industry, under the same effect, has been reducing the size of cars. And when it comes to food processing machine, history repeats itself.

Massive food processing machine gave way to table equipment, taking less space in factories that pay an increasingly expensive rent. This does not mean that productivity has decreased; on the contrary, compact machines produce as much or more than their larger versions. Companies like Bralyx can still combine design and usability in their products.


Widely known as machines for savories, these equipment can make many more products than most people think. Research and development to expand the application of ​​food processing machine is one of the trends in which companies have been investing, as this is also an opportunity to win customers from different fields.

Bralyx has transformed its more than 25 years of worldwide experience into a special material with more than 50 recipes than can be made with machinery. These include baked goods (pies, grissini), gluten and lactose free products (arancini, cheese bread ), wholegrain biscuits and cookies, as well as ethnic treats (kibbeh, churros, arepas, kaju rolls, codfish balls, coxinha).


Touch screen technology is already part of our lives. They first appeared on phones, tablets and computers. They then manifested in refrigerators and microwave ovens; today even food processing machine have this kind of interface.

This feature allows recipe parameters to be stored in the system and enables technical assistance via remote access, not to mention ease of use. Bralyx began implementing touch screens in its line of confectionery equipment and then extended them to Formix, equipment for baked products, and its smoke-free fryer.


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