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Who is Bralyx USA?

Who is Bralyx USA?

A Factory started up in Brazil with the same mission since its very beginning. Bralyx’s concept came as a solution to help food producers grow and spread their business by automating their production without sacrificing quality in their product.

Proudly considered as a leader in the Foodservice Industry - not only in Brazil, but also in many other countries. We have successfully exported and currently export our machines to more than 70 countries!

What do we do?

We are specialized in manufacturing forming encrustring machines, hot mixers, batter and breading, dosing machine, depositor machine, cutting / stamping machine and aligning machine.

Bralyx machines are well known as the solution for the production of many different ethnic finger foods. It all started as the solution to automate the production of coxinhas a Brazilian finger food.

Through time they recognized the ability to perfectly automate many other Ethnic finger foods like kibbeh & maamoul (Middle East), arancini, meatballs (Italy), croquetas (Spain and Latin America), and much more. We also have industrial confectionary machines that can make muffins, macaroons, cookies, and much more!

What is our purpose in the USA?

Our purpose in the USA is to bring innovation to the foodservice industry like never before.

Therefore, we went ahead and got NSF certifications for all the  machines we believe provides the best solutions for the USA  markets. Giving restaurants the ability to produce in their restaurant kitchen while being 100% compliant.

Bralyx now offers to all establishments what was only available to large industrial Wholesale Food Producers. We offer machines for the small restaurant, or a large banquet center, caterer, and for the Industrial wholesaler. We are proud to say that we are the first in our category to offer these options to consumers with the proper certifications.


With Bralyx machines, you are not just getting any machine to help with production. Our machines are known for its durability, design and functionalities. In addition, we provide our customers with highly qualified post sales and customer services, offering support to you by phone, Skype, e-mail and also with on-site visits.

How do you go about getting a machine?

Well the first step would be to call us or access our website This way you can talk to one of our specialists and explain what you are looking for. Our specialist will then identify if what you are looking for needs further assessment. At that point we would recommend for you to come to one of our showrooms to test your product on our machine.

Our main showroom right now is located in Palm Springs, FL. This is where you can bring your recipes to be tested or simply come to see a demo in person. At our showroom, you will find one of our qualified technicians and equipment specialists. Together they will help you identify the best machine for the production you are looking to make. The process is fun, tasty, simple and quick!

Now that you know a little about Bralyx, we would like to learn a little more about you! Leave us a comment; tell us about yourself, what you think of our machines and the innovation we have brought to the table so far.


Publicado em: 10/04/2018