Kibbeh Encrusting Machine

MAKING ARABIC SAVOURIES WITH kibbeh encrusting machine

The millenary roots of Arabic cuisine have transcended the inventiveness of contemporary gastronomy due to its peculiar range of tastes, spices and ingredients. Dishes like  hummus, falaffel, tabbouleh, kofta and kibbeh are served worldwide at parties and celebrations, as it used to be done centuries ago, though Bedouins could hardly imagine that one would invent something like the kibbeh encrusting machine.


The original kibbeh recipe combines bulgur, ground beef or lamb, minced onions and Middle Eastern spices and final product can be served raw, baked or fried.  The kibbeh encrusting machine can make not only the traditional savory, but also adapted versions with cheese, pumpkin and eggplant, which are greatly appreciated by vegetarians and vegans.

In ancient times, it was a typical meal of the least favored social classes once the meat was mixed with bulgur in order to feed the entire family. Widespread especially between Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Iraq, the kibbeh was taken to Latin America by the Levantines in the end of the 19th century and today is regularly consumed in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.


kibbeh encrusting machine: THE MIRACLE OF MULTIPLICATION

With the kibbeh encrusting machine, restaurants, cafés, catering companies and food industries found an alternative to the arduous task of making Arabic savories by hand. Bralyx has even developed a specific line of equipment aiming the Middle Eastern market and the many immigrants that disseminated the kibbeh production around the world.

The differential of Bralyx kibbeh encrusting machine line is the MK system, like BIG 6.0 MKR,  (from “mammoul” and “kibbeh”), a device that pushes the dough to avoid weight variation during production. These equipment can also make stuffed kibbeh and perfect two-tip shape, the format for which kibbeh is known.



Besides the bulgur-based dish, Bralyx kibbeh encrusting machine can make falafel and kofta balls, as well as sweet dates and kahk, an egiptian cookie. For the production of sfiha (or fatayer, a kind of meat pie), the company has launched Formix, a specific machine for laminated and fermented doughs.

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