automatic dosing machine with wire cutting system

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    Wire Cutting Machine DROP TOP EXPRESS.

    It´s developed to cut and shape the most diverse types of Cheese Bread, Chipas, Biscuits.


    The equipment  contains a feeding system and automatic advancement of plates and/or trays.

    In this way, it can be replenished during production very easily without having to shut it down, resulting in continuous and standardized production.

    The DROP TOP EXPRESS Wire Cutting Machine can produce from 250kg to 400kg/h.

    Automatic Dosing Machine with Wire Cutting System is perfect for serving small and medium-sized factories that are looking for greater professionalism and scale gain while maintaining their quality.

    Built in stainless steel and safety sensors in the moving parts of the cutting and dough bowl, DROP TOP EXPRESS Wire Cutting Machine produces:

    • Cheese bread from 10 to 100g
    • Chipas in shapes such as sticks, half moon
    • Cookies
    • Shortbreads
    • Biscuits.


    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION¹: 30g – 8600 pcs/ 260Kg   / 40g – 8100 pcs/ 320Kg /  100g – 4000 pcs/ 400Kg

    MAXIMUM PRODUCT DIMENSION : 60mm (diameter)

    • Dimensions (W x L x h): 998 x 548 x 780mm / 40” x 21,5” x 30,7”
    • Trays dimensions: 400 x 600 x 11,5mm (15,7″ x 23,6″ x 0,45″)
    • Dough Hopper capacity: 25 liters
    • Power Input: 220V | single-phase | 0,4kW
    • Net Weight.: 72kg/ 158,7lb


    ¹It depends on the type and shape of the product.

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