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    Cutting & Stamping machine, The Ma´amoul Making Machine.

    Equipment developed with an automatic cutting and / or stamping system to create a new shape on  spherical or long products.

    Cutting & Stamping machine (Maamoul Machine) is an efficient and funtional machine, indicated to support the production of:

    • Filled Maamoul (Ma´amoul/ Mahmoul/ Mamule). Produce maamoul filled with date/ pistacchio/ walnuts/ sesame paste/ macadamia/ etc
    • Date bars
    • Cereal bars
    • Fruit bars
    • Cookies and Biscuits (with or without filling)
    • Grissini
    • And many other!

    The Maamoul Machine (Cutting & Stamping machine) can be connected to Forming and Encrusting machine of Maxiform Line (BIG 6.0 MKR) / to produce filled products with different design*. This set can be complemented by Aligning Machine, which places and align the products in baking trays to go straight to the oven (or freezing).

    This machine trio may be the perfect solution for automating the line of food business like: maamoul factories / cookies stores/ bakeries/ etc.  Resulting in increased productivity and economy to business!

    * Check all avaiable shapes and pattern or customize yours. 

    Main features of Maamoul Machine (Cutting & Stamping machine):

    • Compact table top machine
    • User-friendly touch screen controller. Simple and smoothly operated
    • Stores recipes for quick reference recall / It has space for personalized recipes
    • Stamping mold: Many options of design for your choice. Shape and pattern can be customized for exclusive products
    • Stamping mold is easy to replace
    • Developed with safety system with sensor and emergency button that totally turns off the machine
    • Foods in direct contact with stainless Steel and or polymers, to meet health safety and hygiene
    • It is easy for cleaning, assembling, and repairing
    • 1 year total warranty and technical support

    Watch Cutting and Stamping Machine

    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION*: up to 2.500 pcs – stamping (30g)
    up to 3.000 pcs – cutting (30g)

    • Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 1637 x 419 x 634mm (66,4″ x 16,5″ x 24,9″ )
    • Power input:  0,63kW (0,85CV) – 220V – Single-phase
    • Net weight:: 52,5Kg/ 115lb

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                 

    ¹It depends on the type and shape of the product..

    Manufactured Products

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