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    DOLCELYX is a compact forming machine exclusive for products without filling.


    What DOLCELYX can do for you?

    • CANDIES: truffles, cake pop, brazilians sweets including: brigadeiro, beijinho and others;
    • It can also produce other products without filling like: gnocchi, mac & cheese, tater tots, cheese ball etc

    The great differential of DOLCELYX is the EXCLUSIVE system that avoids the premature sugar crystallization, like what happens with the traditional encrusting machines that have a different feeding system.

    This system mimics with greater precision the hand-made look and feel of the final product, given the sweets a bigger shelf-life allowing the manufacturer to better manage his orders, speeding up the production when necessary.

    Built entirely out of Stainless Steel and food graded plastic, this machine has a top capacity of 2.000 beats per hour and can produce a wide range of sizes, from the mini ones to party-size and gourmet.

    A versatile and perfect machine for you to start up and grow your business: brigadeiro and sweet shop, catering, bakery, etc

    Dolcelyx is a brigadeiro and small sweets machine developed with Brazilian technology and latest generation design.

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    Technical Specifications

    • Mould speed: up to 2.000 beats/h (up to 45g)
    • Product size: up to 40mm (Ø)
    • Capacity of each tank of product²: up 3kg of dough (volume: 4,5L)
    • Machine dimension (W x L x H): 672 x 536 x 813mm (26,4″ x 21,1″ x 32″)
    • Power input: 0,15kW (0,2CV) – 220V – Single-phase
    • Net weight.: 48,5Kg (108lb)
    • Shape avaiable :

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                           

    ¹It depends on the type of the dough and size of the product.

    Manufacured Products