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Dosalyx Mini


Automatic Dosing machine Dosalyx Mini

Dosalyx Mini is a compact machine that replaces the pastry bag for dosing, injection, depositing and layering sweets like pies, cakes, pumps, macarons, cupcakes and much more.

It has an automatic dosing system that is an innovative solution for bakeries/ pastry shops/ and confectioneries once convers some lack of production/ ensure the standardization of products and/ still generates ingredients economy.

With the automatic Dosing machine Dosalyx Mini you can produce a multitude of products with greater convenience, speed and accuracy!

Dosing: Muffins / Mousses / Meringues / Macarons / Cupcakes / Creams / Jellies / Sauces / Cakes doughs/ etc
Filling (Injected): Eclairs / Profiteroles/ Croissants / Donuts /  Cupcakes / Macarons / Cannoli / etc
Decorate: Cakes / Pies / Cupcakes / etc
And much more!

 Compact and automatic machine that replaces the pastry bag for dosing, injection and filling.


Check out all its advantages of the Automatic Dosing machine Dosalyx Mini:

  • Prepared for all types of dough or fillings (semi-liquid/ semi-dense/ dense)
  • Work with dough/filling with or without particles *
    * It depends on the type and size of the product. For more information, please contact our sales team.
  • Easy-to-use 5,7″ touch screen with a safety glass
  • Single/automatic or continuous mode
  • Average product temperature: 60°C
  • Volume and speed
  • Waiting time between deposits
  • Electrical system for dosing (ingredients saving). NO need of compressor
  • Quick interchangeable of the hopper to another/ since it is built with rotor system that allows the immediate exchange/ of the hopper even with product (no leak)
  • Stainless steel structure (more durable) and easier to clean
  • Certification: CE (european)/ UL - NSF (north american) / CSA (canadian)



Dry Cake


Filled Cannoli

Fruit Cake/ Plum Cake






Viscosities: Liquid, semi-liquid, soft, semi-heavy, aerated products

Filler unit (hopper) capacity: 16L (4,23gal)

Material: Food approved synthetic material and stainless steel

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 287 x 563 x 700mm (11,3” x 22” x 27,5”)

Power input: 0,15kW (0,2CV) – 220 V – single-phase

Net weight: Aprox. 32kg (70,5lb)

Hourly production (various types of filling):
• Cream Vanilla (120g) – up to 1,800 pieces
• Chantilly (63g) – up to 2,500 pieces