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    MAXIFORM NEW BABY  is a forming and filling (encrusting) machine to make a wide variety of savory and sweet products, with or without fillings.

    You can produce a wide variety of finger food like:

    • Latin America/ Spain: Arepas/ Pan de yuca/ Croquetas/ Bolitas de yuca/ Carimañolas/ Sorruloz de Maiz/ Aborrajado/ Churros/ Mofongo/ Papas Rellenas/ etc
    • Brazil:  Coxinha/  Pão de queijo (Cheese ball)/ Brigadeiro (Chocolate ball)/ Empada (Salty Pie)/ etc
    • Italy: Filled Gnocchi
    • Portugal: Pastel de bacalhau (Codfish Ball)
    • Cookies and filled cookies
    • Many others filled (stuffed) dumplings


    Forming and Encrusting machine New Baby suits the customer’s need for production/ and it´s recommended for medium food business productions.

    Main features of Forming and Encrusting machine New Baby:

    • Frontal panel – facility of access to the operator
    • Provided with double hopper (dough & filling) to a esier feeder
    • Provides total control of product weight, size, length and shape
    • It is easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing
    • Suitable to produce vegetarian, gluten free and lactose-free products
    • Extremely versatile, it can work with different ingredients
    • Developed with lateral guides to avoid products falling form the tray
    • Made of stainless steel, which extend the durability and improve its quality


     You can adapt your NEW BABY and produce double fiiling/ two colors ans striped products*: just purchase the optional hopper kit.

    *Optional system. Hopper kit sold separately

    Watch NEW BABY 

    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION¹ : up to 30g up to 8000 pcs/ 180g up to 1300pcs

    PRODUCT SIZE²: from 7 to 220g ( from 0,24oz to 7,74oz)

    Set the thickness of the dough and amount of filling:    

    SHAPES AVAIABLE:                  

    • Machine dimension (W x L x H): 610 x 1262 x 837mm (23,9″ x 49,6″ x 32,9″)
    • Power input: 1,41kW (0,91CV) – 220V – Single-phase
    • Net weight. 98Kg (216lb)

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                                                                                 


    ¹It depends on the type of dough and filling and size of product.. ² The machine manufactures products up to 180g (depending on the type of dough, filling and size of the product). Larger products use the 220g kit (optional accessory)

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