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    EMPANAMIX TABLE is a compact batter and breading machine for cylindrical products.


    Special for finger foods and others fried products, such as: cheese ball, ham ball, “coxinhas” etc


    Features of the Compact Batter and Breading machine Empanamix Table:

    • Simple and user friendly controls
    • Driven by one engine, the conveyors have adjustable speed
    • There is no need to interrupt the operation in order to add flour or batter to the machine
    • Fingers in plastic, which ensures that the product is covered by all
    • It only needs one person to remove the products and arrange them in a storage tray. It is possible for the product to directly enter a frying machine or a freezing tunnel
    • The machine is provided with supports that cause a vibration on the conveyor in order to retain the excess flour from the products
    •  Easy to clean and to assemble and disassemble
    • Attachable to Maxiform line (Forming and Encrusting machines)
    • Technical support

    The machine is composed of two containers: - One batter unit (for liquid bath) and one breading unit (for the flour)The transport system of the products is formed by two conveyors. - Other is for liquid phase the other is for dry phase. The product enters at the tank of liquid, where the bath/ is made by immersion and it is transported to the tank of flour for the final layer.

    Empanamix Table is the best way for minimizing labor & ingredients costs besides increases quality of the production of your food business.


    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION¹: up to 10.000 (30g/ 1,05oz)

    PRODUCT SIZE²: 180g (6,34oz) and/or and/or 100mm length

    • Flour tank capacity: 1kg (2,2lb)
    • Liquid tank capacity: 5L (1,32gal)
    • Machine dimension (W x L x H): 1240 x 577 x 333mm (48,8″ x 22,7 x 13,1″)
    • Power Input: 0,28kW (0,38CV) – 220V – Mono
    • Net Weight.: 45kg/ 74lb

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                 

    ¹ It depends on the type of the size of the product.  ²Cylindrical products (ex. croquette) up to 100mm

    Manufactured Products

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