Batter and Breading Machine Empanamix Table Flat Bralyx

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    The batter and breading machine for non-cylindrical products such as fillets, and seafood that will turn your production into a true culinary innovation center!


    Empanamix Table Flat, like all models in the EMPANAMIX line, was designed to bring more convenience and quality to the final aspect of your products by automating the breading process.

    The equipment can bread a wide range of flat products, both fresh and partially frozen, such as chicken fillets or tenders, fish fillets or sticks, succulent burgers, crispy nuggets, sliced or chopped onions or other vegetables, for an extra touch of flavor, seafood such as calamari, shrimp, and much more!

    It features two tanks with conveyor belts: one for the batter iquid - where immersion bathing takes place - and another for flour for the final coating. This composition ensures complete breading, more uniform and without marks, further enhancing the final product finish.

    It's the ideal breading, no exceptions!

    Features of the Compact Batter and Breading machine Empanamix Table:

    • Simple and user friendly controls
    • Driven by one engine, the conveyors have adjustable speed
    • There is no need to interrupt the operation in order to add flour or batter to the machine
    • The machine is provided with supports that cause a vibration on the conveyor in order to retain the excess flour from the products
    •  The breading module for flat products can be purchased separately and used in your Empanamix Table for cylindrical products. This way, you can expand the possibilities of your business, offering an even wider variety of breaded products and satisfying your customers' needs even more comprehensively.
    •  Easy to clean and to assemble and disassemble
    • Attachable to Maxiform line (Forming and Encrusting machines)
    • Technical support


    Empanamix Table is the best way for minimizing labor & ingredients costs besides increases quality of the production of your food business.


    Technical Specifications

    HOURLY PRODUCTION¹: up to 75kg (70g / 2,46 oz)

    PRODUCT SIZE²: 70g (2,46oz)

    • Flour tank capacity:3 Kg / 6,6 lb
    • Liquid tank capacity: 5L (1,32gal)
    • Machine dimension (W x L x H):1248 x 574  x 345 mm (4ft 1.14’’ x 1ft 10.6’’ x 1ft 1.6’’)
    • Power Input: 0,25kw (0,36CV) – 220V – Mono
    • Net Weight.: 46 kg/ 101,04 lb

    SAFETY CERTIFICATION:                                 

    ¹ It depends on the type of the size of the product.  

    Manufactured Products

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