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Spinning 400


Spinning 400 is a device that improves the shape of spherical products, making them more regular.

Ideal for products like:

  • Sweets
  • Truffles
  • Date balls
  • Labneh balls (Cheese ball)
  • Cheese bread
  • Etc.


Features of Spinning 400:

  • Format avaiable: 
  • Product Size: 7 – 30g
  • Table top machine
  • Works with products with a diameter up to 30mm * and weight between 16g and 21g *
  • Removable drum and guide**
  • Built in STAINLESS STEEL with parts in polymers
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble and clean
  •  Certification: CE (european)/ UL - NSF (north american) / CSA (canadian)

*Depends on type of dough
** Check sales area for available sizes or customize yours

Brigadeiro (chocolate ball)

Cheese Bread


HOURLY PRODUCTION*: up to 3.000 pcs 30g (1,05oz)

PRODUCT SIZE (diameter): 13mm – 15mm – 20mm – 25mm – 28mm – 30 mm – 35mm.*

PRODUCT WEIGHT: from 16g to 21g ( from 0,56 yo 0,74oz).
*Wheels with other diameters are available upon request.

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 236 x 444 x 527mm (9,29” x 17,5” x 20,7”)

Power input: 0,04 kW (0,05CV) – 220V – single-phase

Net weight: aprox. 20Kg (44lb)

* It depends on the size of the product.