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Maxiform LUNA is THE MOST COMPACT AND VERSATILE FORMING AND ENCRUSTING MACHINE for savories and sweets filled dumplings (snacks) from BRALYX! 

Ideal for those who want to start a food business or want to automate their production with the advantages that only Bralyx offers.

Maxiform LUNA FORMING AND ENCRUSTING MACHINE produces a wide variety of stuffed and no stuffed products up to 180g, such as:

  • Fried snacks: mini snacks / croquettes / cheese balls / meat dumpling / calabrese cake / etc
  • Roasted snacks: salty pies / cheese bread
  • Sweets: cookies / mini stuffed churros
  • And much more!


Maxiform LUNA FORMING AND ENCRUSTING MACHINE is the best choice for the most diverse phases of your business!

In addition to Bralyx quality, see some of its differentials:

  • THE GREATEST production of the category of formadora and stuffing for salted and sweets. Manufactures up to 4,000 pieces with 1 filling per hour
  • Makes products from 7 up to 180g
  • Perfect for those who works with Homemade products (homemade business)/ restaurants/ food trucks/ deliveries/ hotels/ catering/ etc. . Also for those who make mini snacks sold in cones or mini cups
  • Can produce salty and sweet double - just purchase the optional funnel / motor kit later
  • PRACTICE: Simple operation / easy handling and cleaning
  • COMPACT: Ideal size for little space
  • BRALYX QUALITY: Built in STAINLESS STEEL (Frame + microfused head + bowl for dough and funnel for filling). Guarantee of more durability and resistance, besides hygiene to the productive process
  • VERSATILE: Adjust the dough wall (thin, medium or thick) and determine the amount of filling
  • BRALYX DIFFERENTIAL: 1 year total warranty * and technical support. Bralyx provides assistance and training for all machines. *
    * Check the conditions with the sales area.


  • Set the thickness of the dough:  
  •  Shapes:


  • Certification: CE (european)/ UL - NSF (north american) / CSA (canadian)



Carimañola 2




Cheese Ball

Cheese Bread


Corn Bread


Filled Biscuit/ Filled Cookies

Filled Gnocchi

Filled Polenta


Petit Gateau

Salty Pie / Pie / Small Pie

Codfish ball



                                           up to 4.000pcs - 7 up to 15g (0,24 - 0,53oz)

                                           up to 3.000pcs - 20g (0,7oz)

                                           up to 2.000pcs - 30g (2,1oz)      

                                           up to 1.200pcs - 60g (2,1oz)                                

                                           up to 650pcs - 120g (4,2oz)

                                           up to 500pcs - 140g (4,9oz)

                                           up to 400pcs - 180g (6,3oz)

PRODUCT SIZE: from 7g to 180g (from 0,24oz to 6,34oz)

* It depends on the type of dough and filling and size of product.

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 370 x 685 x 657mm (14,5” x 26,9” x 25,8”)

POWER INPUT: 0,63kW – 220V – single-phase

NET WEIGHT: 46,5kg (102,5lb)