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Formix Multidoughs (Fatayer Sambousek Machine)


Fatayer, Sambousek & Empanada Machine

Formix Multidoughs is a Forming and Encrusting (machine that works with various types of laminable doughs (fermented, non-fermented and cooked doughs).

Formix Multidoughs (Fatayer Sambousek Machine) is perfect for anyone thinking of diversifying or expanding their business / since it supports line production resulting in higher productivity / standardization / economy and quality.

Diversify your menu and produce:

  • Fermented pastries: Esfiha / Fatayer / Fogazza / Mini pizza / etc
  • Unfermented Pasta: Empanadas / Oven pie / Fried Pie / Sambousek (Samosa) / Sambusa/ Ravioli / etc
  • Cooked Pasta: Rissole / Pierogi / etc
  • And much more!



Check some of the features of Fatayer Sambousek Machine – Formix Multidoughs:

Shapes available *: Triangular / half-moon / rectangular / square and round/ customized

* Consult about other sizes and formats available with our sales team

The Fatayer Sambousek Machine, Formix Multidoughs, can work with various types of fillings ** such as: meat / chicken / cheese  / pork / etc.

This equipment produces up to 2 small stuffed products per beat (up to 30g / each) ***

** Contact our sales team and schedule a test.
*** It depends on the type and amount of dough and filling.

EXCLUSIVE feed system that allows to work with granulated fillings (ex: pieces of meat and corn) ***

*** Depends on the model to be chosen upon purchase
  • Compact table top machine
  • Simple operation / easy handling and cleaning
  • Stamping mold is easy to replace
  • PLC panel for quick recall of recipes
  • Developed with safety system with sensor and emergency button that totally turns off the machine
  • Foods in direct contact with stainless Steel and or polymers, to meet health safety and hygiene
  • It is easy for cleaning, assembling, and repairing
  • 1 year total warranty and technical support
  •  Certification: CE (european)/ UL - NSF (north american) / CSA (canadian)

This equipment requires an air compressor which must be purchased separately and is not part of Bralyx product line.




Codfish rissole






Fatayer 2


HOURLY PRODUCTION*: up to 20 beats/min  (até 1080 big products ou 2200 small products

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height):  1025 x 1900 x 1110mm (40,3" x 74,8" x 43,7")

POWER INPUT: 1,07kW  – 220V –  single-phase

NET WEIGHT: Aprox. 109kg / 240lb

* It depends on the type the size of the product.

Equipment requires a compressor that must be purchased separately and is not part of the Bralyx’ product line.