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Dosalyx is a semi-automatic volumetric dosing machine for semi-liquids and cream products.

Dosalyx line has several models and serves from small to large productions (industrial). Versions available (mL) * :

100 – 250 – 500 – 1000 – 2000

* Per volume of capacity

Produce a several kind of sweets and savory products with greater convenience, speed and precision!

Ideal for optimize the production of:

  • Cake batter for Dry Cakes / English Cake / Loaf of Bread / Muffins
  • Jam/ Jelly/ Fruit filling
  • Cream/ Mousse/ Meringues/ Puddings
  • Sauces/ Soups / Mashed potato / Mayonnaise / Minced meat
  • And much more!

Dosalyx is perfect for automating the production line of various businesses, such as candy factories / homemade cakes / industrial kitchens / food industries/ since can covers production bottlenecks / guarantees the standardization of products and still generates ingredient savings.



Check out all the advantages of Dosalyx dosing machine:

  • Dosing system from 20 to 2000 mL in several shapes (trays)
  • Ensure the precise portion
  • EASY TO USE: Only regulate the dosing volume, position the product under the nozzle and activate the pedal. There is also the option of continuous operation, with predetermined dosage intervals
  • ECONOMIC: Has metering nozzle with device drops
  • Built in STAINLESS STEEL (Frame + funnel). Guarantee of more durability and resistance, besides hygiene to the productive process
  • It can be commercialized with a support that facilitate the transport (consult the versions available)
  • It is easy for cleaning, assembling, and repairing
  • 1 year total warranty and technical support

This equipment requires air compressor with a reservoir of 150L minimum capacity (pressure of 3 to 8 Kgf / cm2). Device must be purchased separately and is not part of the Bralyx product line.


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Dry Cake

Fruit Cake/ Plum Cake


from 20mL to 100mL

Dosing unit: 13 liters

Power Input: 220V – single-phase

Machine dimension (WxLxH): 900 x 310 x 650mm (35,4" x 12,2" x 25,6")

Weight: 30kg (66lb)


from 40mL to 250mL

Dosing unit: 23 liters

Power Input: 220V – single-phase

Machine dimension (WxLxH): 900 x 360 x 760mm (35,4" x 14,2" x 29,9")

Weight: 33kg (72,7lb)


from 80mL to 500mL

Dosing unit: 32 liters

Power Input: 220V – single-phase

Machine dimension (WxLxH):  1030 x 410 x 775mm (40,5" x 16,1" x 30,5")

Weight: 38kg (83,7lb)


from 100mL to 1.000mL
Dosing unit: 32 liters

Power Input:  220V – single-phase

Machine dimension (WxLxH):  1250 x 420 x 850mm (49,2" x 16,5" x 33,5")

Weight: 41kg (90,4lb)


from 200mL to 2.000mL

Dosing unit: 45 liters

Power Input: 220V – single-phase

Machine dimension (WxLxH): 17900 x 420 x 850mm (66,9" x 16,5" x 33,5")

Weight: 57kg (125,6lb)